Hazel Mills is a Bristol based pianist/vocalist and songwriter. Currently on tour with Florence and The Machine, Hazel has carved out a musical career by incorporating her Classical roots and affinity for 1960s American minimalism with her pop sensibilities and love of analog synths. She has toured the globe with artists across multiple genres, such as Birdy, Goldfrapp, The Will Gregory Moog Ensemble, and The Paper Cinema.

Alongside her touring commitments, Hazel is currently writing forthcoming material for a brand new project Violaine, with her long-term collaborator and producer/musician TJ Allen (Bat For Lashes, Portishead, Charlotte Hatherley). Incorporating elements from both her early solo works and former post-punk band Adding Machine, the duo also draw influence from 50’s sci-fi and horror films, Fleetwood Mac, 80s synth pop, and Ryuichi Sakamoto.